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Chase the Northern Lights in Norway

If you are planning on a holiday of a lifetime, you could opt to view the Northern Lights this is one of the most interesting phenomena in the world, and it’s worth spending some time viewing them. However, most people interested in viewing them have a number of questions about them including: What are they? [...]

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Lake Garda’s Most Stunning Villages

There was an article in the Daily Telegraph that declared Lake Como as being the most beautiful in all Italy. As such, it gets the most travelers, and to the wayside falls poor Lake Garda, the largest lake of Italy. That said, we feel Lake Garda of Italy is definitely a strong contender for the title of [...]

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Luxuriate in the Good Life of Goa on a Budget

South-east Asia is often – mistakenly – viewed as offering two polar extremes when it comes to holiday experiences; the budget backpacker route, going from hostel to hostel on a shoestring, or the expensive luxury route, entailing a week of little else but being pampered on a private beach or in an exclusive retreat, paying [...]

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